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Kyocera 7135

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  • Kyocera 7135

    I am looking for some advice from people who are currently using a smartphone device, specifically the Kyocera 7135.

    What do you see as the biggest benefits of this device and what limitations have you discovered?

    Would you consider going back to separate phone and pda devices?

    Any input is appreciated.

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    The advantage of the 7135 is that it is a fliptop Palm cellphone, the only one available on the market now, I think. I stick with basic Palm functions, so I have no complaint about how it works for my GTD flow. I still can't get Graffiti2 to work as well for me as the original, but I've given up on any of the fixes and make do. Phone and palm integration is rudimentary, but works well enough to make the addressbook useful.

    I've thought many times about going to a smaller phone with the same basic calendar, todo and notes function, but I think the better input of the Palm than a phone pad makes it ultimately worth it to carry around the bigger 7135. This way I actually capture next actions because I always have the phone with me. I doubt I'd carry a separate Palm as frequently. Its just a better collection system for me.


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      Today I downshifted from a Treo 650 to a older Samsung SPH-i500, which was the closest competitor to the 7135. The i500 is the other Palm clamshell phone that's still on the market, and it uses Graffiti 1 (I found Graffiti 2 unusable).

      The Kyo has a lot of features lacking in the i500: a speakerphone, MP3 and (most importantly) an expansion slot. But the size of the i500 is unbeatable for a Palm smartphone. It's the one Palm phone that fits comfortably in your pocket. On reviewing my actual usage patterns instead of my anticipated ones, size is the one feature overrides the qwerty thumboard, hi res screen, camera, SD expansion slot, and Bluetooth features of my previous uberphone.

      The biggest benefit to using a smartphone is that it's a ubiquitous organizer. I usually collect with a notetaker wallet, which is much faster than using a stylus, or even a thumboard; or when I'm walking or driving I can use the i500's voice recorder. The notes get thrown into my in-basket, processed into the Palm Desktop, and synched. It's nice to have my hands free instead of lugging around a paper planner or separate PDA. The only things I have to carry now are my wallet, watch and phone.

      Another key advantage is that I can copy and paste support material from the desktop or the internet into note attachments to projects, actions, or events (e.g. driving directions, product specs, confirmation numbers).

      Of course, the biggest disadvantage is that something has to give. You're either going to end up with a compromised phone, a compromised PDA, or a brick. But like jjvornov, I use a plain Palm setup with no additional software except i500SMS to enable text messaging. You may not want to be that spartan. But it works great for GTD.


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        I bought the Kyocera 7135 today on ebay. I am looking forward to replacing two handheld items with one. I was happy with the functionality of my Dell Axim x30, but I never could remember to carry it with me all the time. No matter where I go, I always have my phone.

        I think this is a good move for me to have something that I will always have access to. I may need to invest in a notetaker wallet also, because I know that trying to use the smartphone as my only capture device may be difficult.

        Thanks for the input. I'll let you know how it goes.