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Pocket PC/Listpro/Mac options/help needed

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  • Pocket PC/Listpro/Mac options/help needed

    I'm currently using ListPro to do GTD on my PocketPC. I backup on my home PC and occasionally enter data at home via the keyboard, but most of my data entry is on the fly. My home PC has been dying a slow, ugly death and will most likely be replaced by a Mac. Unfortunately, ListPro isn't available in Mac, and out IT guys at work won't allow installation of user-purchased software on the company machines.
    So what are my options when we finally take the home PC out and shoot it?
    As I see it, it's either to find another app that is both PocketPC and Mac compatable, or run the risk of no data backup on the PocketPC.

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    For lists, I use Shadow Plan. The desktops have a few shortcomings, but Mac & PC versions are available. I sync to my Mac at home and PC at work (PC desktop is the better of the two, particularly for printing, though I understand new DT are close to introduction, perhaps a few weeks). I believe some workarounds exist to sync Shadow Plan with OmniOutliner (Mac), so you could run two DT platforms.

    I also have little experience with it, but Life Balance has both Mac and PC desktops that are solid. I personally found LB a bit cumbersome, but I've read some convincing testimonials of it's fit within the GTD system. Any LB proponents want to weigh in here?

    - MB


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      Does Shadow Plan accept text or Excel input ? If it does I believe that ListPro can export it's data to Excel so you may be able to transfer from one to another.

      The other approach would be to buy a PDA size keyboard (cheap on e-Bay) and continue typing into your PPC until you get a new regular PC.


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        Shadow's DT can import simple textfile. I'm sure you can also work with XML files as an alternative. The handheld version can only import from ToDo or Memo applications. It can also export to a Doc file.
        - MB