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  • New Gear I Added Today

    In one fashion forum I browsed, there was a continuing thread "What I bought today". While I hate the idea that this encourages others to collect "stuff", I thought it might be fun to see what kind of gear others find useful.

    What I bought today:
    - Two 11x14 spiral bound sketch pads for mindmapping projects. 1 for office, 1 for home. I find I want a bit more size to mind map that letter paper.
    - Two sets of colored pens in their own pouch (for mindmapping)
    - A really small Fisher pen that fits in my very small wallet
    - A stack of 3x5 index cards that I then cut in half--fits in a credit card slot of my wallet. I now have an capture device that is always with me without actually adding any more stuff.

    Big stuff and small stuff to help me on my GTD path.

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    Interesting idea. Although I didn't buy them today I, like you, decided that I needed some dedicated supplies for GTDing and it's associated activities. I keep my pack of coloured mind-mapping pens away from the kids (they have enough of their own anyway !). I also bought the labeller ( a Brother PTouch) and Bonsai for my Palm 515 - although I've since gone 'vanilla' with the Palm.

    I was tired of 'making do' with whatever was lying around (although I will use any thing that is to hand to write on if necessary and put it in my in-basket) and thought "if I'm making all this effort why not 'reward' myself with some goodies".



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      cool post.

      recently bought an LG-LT20 tablet pc - it kicks ass. I am new to the tablet world - but I can already see how powerful it is for project planning and more.