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  • Personal Activity and Event Logger

    Does anyone know of a specialized device or, better, software for a PDA (Palm, PPC, Blackberry, or other) that makes it very easy to log activities ? The idea would be to press a button to indicate completion of an activity and then have a menu of next activities the timing for which would commence upon another button being pressed. The activities should be able to be easily input by the user on a a daily or more frequent basis. Reporting could be left to Excel if the data were recorded suitably (CSV would be good enough). It would also help if there were some way of easily incorporating notes, especially for things like interruptions.

    Similar, but not identical, would be software for logging events. This would not provide a complete waking hours journal, but rather a repository of discrete events deemed worth recording.

    The applications I have in mind are behavior therapy for folks with attention issues or habits they are trying to extinguish or encourage.

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    Logging time

    Hi ProfDD,

    I don't know if this would meet your needs, but I worked with a Palm developer on an app that would help track time effectively, cleanly, elegantly, and intuitively. It's called TASK TRACKER, and you can find it on I looked for years for something like this, and was thrilled when I found someone who could create it.

    Hope this helps.

    Stacey Morris


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      Thanks and today's discovery

      I will look up what you've recommended and try it if I can.

      Apparently, on Friday the 13th Tealpoint Software released TealTracker, that does the task-logging function more or less as I described. It is designed for time and expense billing, but can the little extras don't get in the way much.

      Event logging is a little different and may not work with these programs, but that is somewhat later in my experiments.


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        I use DayNotez for this purpose. Check them out at
        It has a Palm and PC version that sync.


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          I use a very simple tool for my Palm. It is called SDS Time ( and can be used for tracking the time you are working on projects/tasks. You have a "start" and "stop" option, but you can also fill in the time you worked on the project. It can export all the info to a note in your palm in CSV-Format.