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PDF viewer for Palm devices

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  • PDF viewer for Palm devices

    I'm looking for a good PDF (portable document format from Adobe) viewing program for my Palm device. I've tried a few available applications but none of them seem to render PDFs even half as well as my desktop computer does.

    Someone found a PDF viewer that works really well and doesn't cost a fortune?

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    For PDFs that are created from other files (like a Word doc that's then created into a PDF), the Adobe Palm converter and viewer is ok, and I haven't seen anything that converts or renders them better. But for scanned ones, the only thing I've found that works is PicselViewer. Unfortunately, it only comes with Sony devices, and there's not a way to buy it for Palm-branded ones. And it can be tough to work with: it's pretty finicky about how it moves and zooms, at least in my experience.

    If you're dealing with scanned PDFs, another option is having them scanned as, or converted into, TIF files. If you do that, the top-end version of AcidImage does a good job of rendering them. It's 50 bucks though, which is a bit pricey for palm software. But that's how I read faxes on my palm.


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      Check out Repligo

      REpligo is $30 and does a good job.


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        Documents to Go will do this, at least, the premium version does for certain. The standard version that came with your Palm may also.



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          Thanks for the many suggestions!