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tasktoy task list application

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  • tasktoy task list application

    I thought that this group might be interested in a web app that I made.
    I initially made it for myself but my friends all wanted to try it so I
    thought I'd put it out there for everyone to use.

    It's at
    or you can read about the motivation and features

    Lots of features like notes, repetition, location sensitive lists, printing on index cards, time-delayed tasks, projects, archiving, mobile access, etc.

    It's still a work in progress, so let me know what you think.


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    Initially I hesitated to register as I never do so when there is no preview, but finally did and glad for that. Nice app, like the clean interface, going to recommend it on the Time management forum as well.


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      Yup very simple but effective

      Is it a zope "product" at all?



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        Thanks, I'm really glad you like it. I've been getting so much positive feedback, and it's definitely encouraging me to write more free software.

        Tomas -- I'm glad you took a chance! What is the time management forum?

        Jon -- No, it's not a Zope product. It runs on Zope, but it's not something I could really ship as something people could put on their own Zope instances very easily. To be honest, this is my first attempt at using Zope and I have no idea how to write a Zope product.


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          Very cool! I see you have already set preferences for 3 x 5 cards... nice and that you already incorporate password protection. You should email Merlin Mann (the 43folders guy) about this also.


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            I posted a link on the 43 Folders message board a couple of days ago, I'm not sure if Merlin himself has looked at tasktoy but several of his readers really seemed to like it.

            The 3"x5" printing is actually the only behaviour right now. I implemented that first because I like to print my shopping lists on cards by putting them in the envelope feeder in my printer. The HTML just renders narrow in the center of the page and it comes out pretty well on the cards.


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              Thanks and 2 wishes

              Thanks for such a nice product!

              I tried it, and inmediatly put it as my homepage. Your software is something that I just needed.

              A couple of wishes:

              1- It would be nice if linking folders (and not only urlīs) is allowed in the Links section or in the notes of projects/tasks.

              2 - I have a Tungsten E2 with cable sincronization. I canīt read in it html files, but I would like to have a "copy" of Tasktoy there, in order to use it when I am outside of the office. Is it possible to develop a conduit to the palm that allows such sincronization? (This is a need in order to avoid typing the information from the pc to the handheld)

              I am not a software expert, so excuse me if there is something obviously wrong in my wishes.

              Best regards,

              Hugo Sanchez


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                Additional Projects?

                Very nice! I'm starting to use it - and the mobile version on my Treo is a key feature for me. Only problem is that I have well over 20 projects, so I hesitate to enter only a subset - or consolidate into mega-projects. Any suggestions for working around that limit? - Jim


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                  Toby, TaskToy is great. I have done a little introduction to's readers and some expressed their interest on it.




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                    Great idea!

                    Hi Toby,

                    TaskToy is great!

                    I've been searching for a good, inexpensive task management system that's GTD friendly to use for a team I'm in within a company that works together over the internet. We want a place where we can see what is on everyone's task list, their progress, etc.

                    I was having a really hard time finding something simple and suitable, and then I came here to the GTD forum, and happened across this thread.

                    When do you plan to make list-sharing available? That would be perfect for us.

                    And do you plan on keeping it free?

                    And will you release a version that a company could host on their own server?

                    And will you increase the project limit from 20?

                    And the different 'location' types - will you increase the amount of those, too?

                    I'm very interested in finding out all this.

                    Thanks so much,

                    Trisha Cupra


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                      Originally posted by kiwitobes
                      Tomas -- I'm glad you took a chance! What is the time management forum?

                      Still small place, but growing...


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                        Thanks for the continued praise about tasktoy.

                        To answer some of your questions:

                        Tasktoy will always be free for users. However, if anyone has ideas for how I can make a little money from it to cover my costs, I'd be very interested.

                        I've increased the project limit to 40, and the location limit to 10.

                        I'm not sure about releasing something that companies could host themselves. I'm just one guy and I really don't have time to provide support to people. I'll give it some thought though.

                        I should have list sharing working in a couple of weeks. I've had a lot of smaller requests which I've been working on first.

                        I don't really know how to write a Palm conduit, I'm afraid. I did add a download link for tasks, maybe there's a way to get the resulting text file onto a Palm.

                        For those interested in keeping up with updates to tasktoy, I'll posting them at:

                        Thanks again,


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                          Fantastic work

                          Hi Toby,

                          Thanks for answering all my questions - and increasing the limits. You're doing a wonderful job.

                          One feature that would be amazing is if you could replicate the GTD Police modified macro, which means that when a task is ticked off, you're asked if you would like to enter the next action immediately. And if you've listed the next actions in the notes section, one per line prefixed with a dash (-), then it automatically makes the next item on the list the next action.

                          As for how you could make money from TaskToy while wanting to keep it free, you could have a free basic version, then a 'super' version people can choose to upgrade to that you can charge for.

                          Look up web-based project/task management applications on Google, and you'll find that there are lots of applications with little more functionality than yours, and not GTD-friendly, and they are charging heaps for them.

                          I'm so glad I found TaskToy - thanks so much for creating it!

                          Trisha Cupra
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                            List sharing

                            Trisha -- I've added a lot of features recently, but since you were asking before I just added list sharing to tasktoy. I hope it works well for you.