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Free Software to convert abbreviations to full text.

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  • Free Software to convert abbreviations to full text.

    This script allows you to create your own abbreviations that work in any application.

    Example: you type gtd and it is converted to Getting Things Done

    First, get AutoKey from And install it.
    It is a very functional scripting language that has lots of functionality.

    This script only touches the surface, if you are willing to do some coding or hire someone to do some for you.

    Second, paste this text it a text editor and save as a *.ahk file.

    ; EasyScpript(r) Library

    ; AutoHotkey Version: 1.x
    ; Language: English
    ; Platform: Win9x/NT
    ; Author: Jeff Orwick <>
    ; Script Function: Allows the creation of EasyScript(r) style abbriviations.
    ; Scroll to the end of this file to edit any of your abbreviations.

    #s:: ; Windows Key + S executes the program.
    ; Get the text currently selected. The clipboard is used instead of
    ; "ControlGet Selected" because it works in a greater variety of editors
    ; (namely word processors). Save the current clipboard contents to be
    ; restored later. Although this handles only plain text, it seems better
    ; than nothing:
    AutoTrim Off ; Retain any leading and trailing whitespace on the clipboard.
    ClipboardOld = %Clipboard%
    Clipboard = ; Must start off blank for detection to work.
    Send ^c
    ClipWait 0.5
    ; Replace CRLF and/or LF with `n for use in a "send-raw" hotstring:
    ; The same is done for any other characters that might otherwise
    ; be a problem in raw mode:
    StringReplace, Hotstring, Clipboard, ``, ````, All ; Do this replacement first to avoid interfering with the others below.
    StringReplace, Hotstring, Hotstring, `r`n, ``r, All ; Using `r works better than `n in MS Word, etc.
    StringReplace, Hotstring, Hotstring, `n, ``r, All
    StringReplace, Hotstring, Hotstring, %A_Tab%, ``t, All
    StringReplace, Hotstring, Hotstring, `;, ```;, All
    Clipboard = %ClipboardOld% ; Restore previous contents of clipboard.
    ; This will move the InputBox's caret to a more friendly position:
    SetTimer, MoveCaret, 10
    ; Show the InputBox, providing the default hotstring:
    InputBox, Hotstring, New Hotstring, Complete the abbreviation.`nFormat=:<Options>:<abbrv>`::<Unabbr eviated text>`n<Options> *:No ending char O:Omit ending char`nC:Case Sensitive C1: Keep Replace String case.,,,,,,,, :R:%Hotstring%`::%Hotstring%
    if ErrorLevel <> 0 ; The user pressed Cancel.
    IfInString, Hotstring, `:::
    MsgBox You didn't provide an abbreviation. The hotstring has not been added.
    ; Otherwise, add the hotstring and reload the script:
    FileAppend, `n%Hotstring%, %A_ScriptFullPath% ; Put a `n at the beginning in case file lacks a blank line at its end.
    Sleep 200 ; If successful, the reload will close this instance during the Sleep, so the line below will never be reached.
    MsgBox, 4,, The hotstring just added appears to be improperly formatted. Would you like to open the script for editing? Note that the bad hotstring is at the bottom of the script.
    IfMsgBox, Yes, Edit

    IfWinNotActive, New Hotstring
    ; Otherwise, move the InputBox's insertion point to where the user will type the end of the unabbreviated text.
    Send {End}
    SetTimer, MoveCaret, Off

    To autostart everytime you login, add a shortcut for that file in your startup folder (Example: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\).

    To enable the script without restarting your computer, double click on the *.ahk file. You'll see an "H" in your system tray.

    I recommend you read through the help sections on Hotstrings and Auto-replace. Open help by right-clicking on the "H" in the system tray and selecting Help.

    Yes, it is useful.
    No, it is not useful.
    Yes, I would pay.
    No, I would not pay.

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    Jeff, maybe your script is helpful, but I can't really see it because it appears to be sandwiched between blatant advertisements. I do believe the Terms of Use ban advertisements from this forum. Lose most of your sig, just post the link to your blog in your sig, and those who want more can do their own checking.

    As for me, I find this offensive.



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      I'm back, 13 hours later. Sig looks much better, Jeff. There's really no harm in a link to your web page. Others on the forum who are in business do that. They just don't include lots of extra information.