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    I started using the Template feature in Outlook but I hate the fact that it takes about 7 steps to access it. Does anybody know how to put it on the toolbar? If it takes a macro does anybody know how to do it?


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    This was a pain in the butt for me, too.

    I found that you can put a shortcut to a template in the Shortcuts menu in the left column/pane thing.

    That's where I put my templates now.

    I'd love to know a better way to do it.

    Trisha Cupra


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      Outlook Templates

      What kind of tremplates are your using, if you don't mind me asking?


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        Are you talking about e-mail templates? Actually, it doesn't matter; the procedure should be the same. I prefer custom menus to toolbars, but again, the procedure is basically the same. I use Outlook 2000 at work. I have a custom menu that contains all of the e-mail templates that I need for recurring e-mail tasks (sending media notices, reminders, etc.) Here's how I add a new template to that menu:
        • Open a new mail message, address it, and enter whatever text you want.
        • Click File - Save As.
        • Change "Save as File Type" to Outlook Template
        • Make a note of where template files are saved. You may want to copy this info onto a Note so that you can have it to refer to; it comes in handy if you will be doing lots of custom toolbars or menus.
        • Go to Tools - Customize
        • Click on the Commands tab
        • Drag the Mail Message Icon to the menu or toolbar that you want to add your new template to
        • Once it's in position, right click on it and select Assign Hyperlink - Open
        • Copy the path to your template into the box; click Ok
        • Right click on the mail message icon again to change the name to whatever you want, i.e., - "Media Notification"
        • You can also change the icon or create a new icon of your own; all of my template icons are color-coded according to the subject
        • Close the Customize message box; you're done!

        Hope that helps!