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favorite Palm OS applications

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  • favorite Palm OS applications

    What are your favourite Palm OS applications?

    Some of those that I found quite nice include...

    Acid Image
    image viewer that lets you zoom seamlessly

    another image viewer; this one has a nice way of displaying thumbs

    audio player; also plays mp3 files which is nice if you're on the go

    a game & quite addictive..
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    Palm Apps

    Here's what I have on my Main page for my T3:

    3Nity - a userid and password holder for the palm. I keep all my id's and passwords here.

    DayNotez - a handy place to keep the notes of the day. Let's me track activity by date, contact, keyword and palm category. It comes with a desktop companion that I use for data entry and can review notes from my palm.

    Documents to Go - Word, XL and PPT for the palm.

    Expense Plus - I replaced the expense application that comes with the palm because this is a bit easier to use and allows me to specify various accounts from which items are paid, and also allows me to track against my companies cost centers.

    Gulliver - I keep my travel itineraries here.

    KK-12C - Emulates the HP12C financial calculator on my palm. It even amortizes faster than my actual calculator (of course the HP12C I own is a dinosaur).

    PktQuicken - I just upgraded to the new release. There are some great additional features.

    Project@Hand - Project Management on my Palm.

    ShadowPlan - An outliner.

    Slap - a utility for entering "stuff" and then slapping it into the right place (such as a task, appointment, etc.)

    Trip - Tracks auto milage for business and tax purposes.

    Weekly Plan - A nice weekly view of tasks and appointments.

    2Action Meeting - I don't use this as much as I used to. It's great for creating meeting notes and tracking meeting agendas.

    ChemTable - Just in case I need a periodic table of elements...

    HanDBase 3 - Database that syncs with Access.

    Wassup - A nice overview of what's in your palm.


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      There are 2 applications on my Treo that I consider critical to my GTD system which is based around Outlook 2003:

      1. Chapura's KeySuite. Superb Outlook 2003 integration. Flawless and fast sync'ing.

      2. Chatter Email. Used on an IMAP server so I have one view of my email whether I am using my Outlook or my Treo.


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        I use Agendus Pro for my calendar and my contacts. I use LifeBalance to handle all of my tasks and projects. LifeBalance automatically beams my tasks to DayNotez when I check them off, and DayNotez also imports events from my calendar. DayNotez is more of a curiosity at this point, since it simply gives me a list of what I've done and when. I don't report to anyone, but I still find it good to review occasionally to gauge my productivity. I use VersaMail for my e-mail, which synchs up with my Thunderbird mailbox on my PC. I don't have a WiFi card, but new mail is downloaded and my outbox is sent every time I sync my palm, and that works well enough for me.

        I use Fitaly as an alternative keyboard layout for my Palm, which boosts the speed that I can enter short notes. If I'm out an need to write an e-mail or a detailed note, then I have a foldable full sized infrared keyboard in the glove compartment of my car. All of these programs sync with a corresponding Windows version, though, so I use a windows PC most of the time for printing and easier data input.
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          I like this topic:

          Datebk5 -- no introduction needed

          Bonsai -- same as above (although I did use ShadowPlan until about 2 years ago)

          eReader - one of the best electronic readers

          PocketLingo dictionaries -- I have about 5 dictionaries of the suite including the max American Heritage one

          ZLauncher -- best launcher

          TCPMP -- best multimedia player -- plays every kind of video file -- no need to convert to anything

          PocketTunes -- only use it to play internet streams

          Clie AudioPlayer -- use it to play mp3s

          Picsel Browser -- best internet browser (I was using NetFront until recently)

          Resco Viewer -- THE best picture viewer

          SplashID -- I keep all my passwords in it

          HandyShopper -- all my shopping needs

          Contacts+ -- my address book

          a few minor hacks and DAs that make the whole Palm experience beautiful.


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            Favorite Palm Apps

            For GTD, I generally like apps that have a good desktop companion. The desktop is more convenient for heavy data entry. My main GTD tools are DateBk5 and Bonsai. Other useful apps are:

            - TurboPasswords: Good desktop companion that integrates with IE6. It
            automatically fills in user name and password on web forms. A great time
            saver for all the web based tools I use for work.

            - Palmary Clock: alarms, timers, stop watch

            - HandyShopper

            - NeoCal: Good RPN calculator

            - Documents to Go

            - Various utilites: 5N Launch, FileZ, Uninstall Manager, Crash,
            BackupBuddy VFS & Icon Manager

            - Assorted games when it's time for a break.