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Using Goldmine 6.0 and GTD

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  • Using Goldmine 6.0 and GTD

    I'm on a personal quest to become a "Mind like water" master.. however, I have a technical challenge with how best to use Goldmine for the "listing" function. If you are a Goldmine (GM) user, you are aware that it has near limitless capabilities in managing contacts, projects, etc. However, I have yet to figure out how to optimize GM usage with GTD "teachings". The distasteful alternative is to keep two (2) separate systems. If you have conquered this GM/GTD challenge, I'd love to hear from you.

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    Fellow GM/GTD disciple....

    with nothing to add. I've searched high and low for a GM add-on or method to implement GTD, but have not found it. I've posted on the official GM users forum, which has a ton of daily activity, and nobody responded to my post a few weeks ago asking about GTD and GM, or if anyone had read the book. No response.

    I'd, too, would love to hear about any fellow Goldmine/GTD disciples.



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      I actually saw your post in the official newsgroups, but didn't answer because I am banned there. I hang out at instead with a lot of other Goldmine folks.

      I've been using Goldmine and GTD for years. Yes, I wish there was an Outlook style add-in. I think the chances for this are slim, though.

      I use Goldmine for work related stuff and keep home related stuff on my Palm. I don't sync the two, becasue I don't do work stuff at home.
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        Thanks for the me confidence that there is more than a handful of people that use Goldmine and use GTD.

        You say you use GM at you use it in a GTD-centric kind of way? I've run across posts that talked about instead of using GM's project manager, entering projects as contacts (naming a project, for example, "Get Realtor's License" in the company line), and then organizing them in the Org Chart. Do you do that? That really sounds like a great way to do it, although I haven't tried it.

        Right now, I am nearly done with the book (been very busy the last couple of weeks and can't get to it), and am working on getting my GM set up at home. Not sure if that's what I'll end up doing (GM at work and home, with a Treo syncing between them), but it's what I'm shooting for right now.

        I appreciate any advice/sharing of tips that you've got (both Tporter2 & JimmyW).