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Recipe library application?

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  • Recipe library application?

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with a good application for managing a library of recipies. Right now I just have a category on my Palm where I stash interesting recipes as text files, I'm looking for something a little more robust.

    Ideal features might include:
    - syncs to Palm
    - menu planning / shopping list functionality (only if it's easy to use)
    - bonus points for both Windows and Mac support

    A quick search revealed PDACookbook as a possibility...any feedback on that app or other ideas?


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    PDA Cookbook

    I've tried a few PDA recipe management applications, and none of them is perfect in that I'd like the import/export feature from/to Mastercook to be simple and seamless.

    PDA Cookbook is the best recipe management app out there for Palm. I've been using it for more than a year and it has been stable and reliable on my Palm Tungsten T2 and TC.

    I do most of my recipes in Mastercook (I use the web import feature in ver. 8 for grabbing recipes off the web - very cool) then I export the ones I want on my TC, import into PDA Cookbook. Because I use it this way, I've never had a need to keep an ingredients list on PDA Cookbook.

    Tech support for PDA cookbook is excellent. They've answered me quickly and completely. I started out with one version and when the new one came out the price to upgrade was fair, and updates have always been free.

    The only thing I don't like about PDA Cookbook is that the menu planning calendar doesn't show days that already have meals planned. I'd like to be able to look at the calendar and know at a glance which days I still need to do meal planning for. But this small gripe is overshadowed by the stability and functionality of PDA Cookbook.

    BTW, MasterCook has a Palm OS component, but it is completely lame at this point and a waste of time. Recipes cannot be entered on the PDA, so to me, it is useless. I need to be able to enter recipes on my pc and pda.

    Shelley Elmblad
    Your Guide to Financial Software


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      I'd had good luck with Living Cookbook

      After doing a lot of research, downloading several 30-day trial versions of several recipe/shopping list programs, I decided that the one that was most robust and full featured is a program called Living Cookbook.

      Their support (they have a forum, too) is excellent and it is a small company and they really care about helping their users.

      The one thing about the software is that there is a bit of a learning curve on the front end. But it was definitely, at least for me, way better than all the other programs I tried or researched.