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Pocket Briefcase Choices

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  • Pocket Briefcase Choices

    I am supplementing the use of my Treo 650 by traveling with index cards for quick notes, actions, etc. While I appreciate the lo-tech option of binder clips or a duct tape case, I need to have something a bit more professional.

    I am currently debating between the Levenger International Pocket Briefcase and the Eastgate 3x5 card briefcase

    I need something that has a cover, can hold a pen and spare cards, and is as thin as possible.

    I would appreciate the perspective of anyone who uses either of these products as to your experience.


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    Looking at the two choices you have dwindled down to, I would say you are getting more bang for the buck with the Levenger's product. The thing with the Levenger's item is, if it is used as your main wallet... then it's mandatory to take it with you everywhere. That's a plus.

    On a side note, Levenger's is my favorite... and their Customer service is great.


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      Thanks for the quick reply. If you have other suggestions as to products, please advise -- the two referenced were the best I could find without getting into the "spend more time researching tools and systems than actually doing things" loop!

      I won't use either device as my primary wallet as I have way too many cards etc. This is one of my issues with the Levenger choice (and I too enjoy their service and products) -- it is a bit more overkill in terms of pockets and storage than I need. Yet, it does have the pen slot and is smaller than the other choice.


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        Levenger's used to make and carry a leather jotter for 3x5 cards with a pen loop. It's no longer on their site, but it is worth calling them up to see if they still make it, or have dropped it entirely. It was popular... I don't know why they'd discontinue it.

        This is the simplest I found, and pretty cool if you're into baseball as it's made by Rawlings and has a lace up on the back just like a baseball glove. Kinda' neat.

        If that doesn't suit your taste, just Google "Leather jotter 3x5 pen loop"


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          Take a look at the Moleskine Memo Pocket (pocket accordian file) 3.5" x 5.5". It looks perfect for me I know