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Email into Palm Desktop Tasks - Best Way?

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  • Email into Palm Desktop Tasks - Best Way?

    I am using Palm Desktop, and a relatively "Plain Vanilla" system. I am pleased with both the simplicity and ease of maintenance of my system, with one hitch. When I organize my email in Outlook, I want to quickly turn them into tasks when necessary. What is the feeback from this group regarding the most seamless way to do this?


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    Email to Tasks...the Add-In

    The GTD Add-In from NetCentrics (available on this site) contains a very nice implementation of this feature. It adds a toolbar to Outlook that allows you to specify a next action for each email, creating an Outlook task with the email as an attachment. I use PocketMirror to sync this to the Palm ToDo application on my Treo 600 cell phone. The resulting to-do item with the email attachment appears as a note on the palm (well, at least the first 4096 characters!)

    I would definitely recommend trying the add-in - I think there's a 30-day trial, and supposedly a new version coming out in August.



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      Originally posted by BigStory
      I am using Palm Desktop, and a relatively "Plain Vanilla" system.
      Back when I was using the Palm Desktop I spent the $$ for Anagram. A single license for Anagram will let you quickly turn any highlighted text into either a Palm Desktop item (task, appt, contact or note) or an Outlook item. Or both if you license it for both.

      I bought a single license and used it for the Palm Desktop, then converted that license to Outlook when I made the switch over. Nice utility but more useful for the Palm Desktop since it is relatively easy to drag 'n' drop into and within Outlook.

      I later realized that since 95% of what I was 'capturing' to the palm were task items that I could implement a simple macro using any one of the free or commercial macro packages on the market to do much the same thing.

      For a while I did just that (while I was running my outlook/anagram combo at work and still using the Palm Desktop at home). I created a hotkey macro that copied any highlighted text, launched the Palm Desktop (or focused on the window if it were already open), sent the keystrokes to open the task pane and create a new task and pasted the text into the new task. Then it was just up to me to set priority, due date and category.

      I use a macro program called Macro Express It is very realiable and I use it for tons of stuff... but you could use any similiar program or even a vbs script if you are handy at programming.

      Hope that helps.