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Pocket Informant Outlook and GTD

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  • Pocket Informant Outlook and GTD

    hi for some reason im not able to post to Web IS forum... dont know why but anyway its related to GTD so here goes.

    I have set up my GTD categories in PI and when i syncronise my ppc the categories and their related tasks do show up in outlook. However they do not show up when i select from outlook Edit -> Categories and click on Master Category List. Why is this? I think if i type them manually in exactly as they are in PI outlook and PI wont regard them being the same thing (ive always found categories to beheave oddly) even though spelt the same. Im going to test this out but what did everyone else do?

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    Actually i just added them manually and fortunately outlook and PI do regard categories created in another app with identical spelling to be the same as there native categories. I know it sounds dumb to consider else wise but common sense and computers in my experience dont go hand in hand sometimes.



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      PI, Outlook and Master Category List

      The categories you created on the PDA do not show up on the Outlook Master Category list because ActiveSync doesn't sync the Master Category list. When you want to add a new category to the Master Category list, you need to add it to the Master Category list on both the PDA and Outlook.


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        Old PI user...

        Good questions...this is what I did:

        I have been using PI for many years...since version 2.0. I love it. I set up the catagories in Outlook, then I sync'd it up. Everything worked fine. I always work from Outlook because 1) I type faster and I write, and 2) I'm lazy.

        I have never tried doing it from PI first. Changing the catagories in Outlook first, worked for me. Then whenever I assigned them to a task, it sync's up without issue. What version of PI are you using?

        Take care,