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File folders in Europe -- A4 size etc.

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  • File folders in Europe -- A4 size etc.

    I just found out what Pendaflex or Smear Manila folders look like.
    Nice -- just what I'd like to use...
    But they are only available in Letter size; only in the States
    (maybe some in GB), but I'm stuck with stuff available in Germany.
    And even if Pendaflex and Esselte seem to be the same company,
    the `american' filing way seems to be unknown around here.
    It's all hanging folders...
    Any ideas, suggestions, addresses?
    Lothar in Germany

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    Don't get hung up on technicalities

    The David recommends manila folders b/c that's how he prefers them. You can implement filing with hanging, letter, legal, A4, or whatever fits your needs. Manila folders in Hon cabinets have several disadvantages. One being that the name tabs don't line up evenly, and folders that fall flat get lost under all the others.

    You can implement a really good filing system with pendaflex.
    Compare pendaflex:
    To manila:

    Some things are best left to personal preference.



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      I know of three main suppliers in Germany:

      My favourite! Since I know them, I have phased out my other folders:
      -You position the tabs alphabetically or as you like.
      -They have different folders thicknesses for various number of pages.
      -For a first try you can order a "Praxiskit":

      Other sources:
      -For all of us who identify Leitz with upright folders. They sell tabbed manila folders as well. You can find them on their German language Website; product number is: 2434. They are not listed on the English Site!
      -Five different tab-positions
      Look here:
      "Startseite > Bürobedarf > Registermappen, -körbe > Einschiebmappen"
      -Three different tab-positions



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        Classei it is

        Thanks all.
        I like very simple things that get the job done,
        but the usual stuff available here is a bit too much.

        So thanks Alexander,
        after checking all the links and some more browsing it was clear:
        The Classei system is the one with all the options.
        I'd still like some simpler folders, but these work well.
        (And I might even be able to persuade them to calm things down
        Their service is good and fast, but it has a sophisticated pricetag.
        So one wants to make sure that only the Classei things are ordered from Classei.

        By the way, they seem to look for distributors outside of Germany

        Works for me and I can recomend it.
        \bye Lothar