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  • Palm privacy

    I have all of my projects, NAs, etc on my Palm. I recently started work in a bigger office where they run a network. I arranged for my Zire software to be loaded onto my office PC … but then it dawned on me: will the network manager be able to access all of my personal data on my PC if I hot synch?

    My tasks and NAs are not split between work and personal.

    Anyone with similar experiences?



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    I use an iPAQ on my office worldwide network. It's Microsoft Exchange Server. I have had no problems. With a Pocket Pc, you are connected "live" all the time through Active Sync.

    With a Palm, you are with connected with HotSync. Which is activated when you press the button.

    Technically, since Palm Desktop is on your computer, your IT department could go in and have a gander when you're not looking...or if your usinig Outlook to sync, same thing.

    But, I have never heard of anyone going directly into a Palm or Pocket PC. If they did, it seems to me that a Pocket PC would be an easier target.



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      I stopped using the computer desktop some time ago and never looked back -- I am well satisfied with doing everything directly on the handheld. Plus, I have TealLock, so if I lose my Palm, only a hacker can get my info -- beats the regular notebook, doesn't it. I do have backups that are encrypted on my computer (about every month I save the backup to the computer).