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Time shift - Outlook Sync Issue

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  • Time shift - Outlook Sync Issue

    I use Outlook at work and home w/ an HP Ipaq sync'ed to both. At times, I will get a time shift where appointments will slide an a 9 AM appointment becomes a 10. Usually, desktop Outlook is correct and my ipaq is the one that gets shifted.

    Here's the weird part, if I correct the time in the ipaq and re-sync, the desktop will reflect an hour I move the 10 back to 9 and now the 9 in the desktop becomes an 8. It is maddening.

    Has anyone else experienced this or am I the only person so cursed? It generally seems to be limited to recurring meetings and I've been fortunate because I know when they occur and can adjust the times. But...what if...if you can't trust the there a Daytimer in my future? @Never!!

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    Time change

    Grant, have you checked to see if you have one (desktop or PDA) set to automatically change with Daylight Savings Time, and the other isn't set to change?

    That seems unlikely given today's gadgets -- my computer, PDA, TV, VCR, and DVD player all automatically change. Isn't technology wonderful?



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      While the time was the same, my home PC is not set to adjust. I've changed that and reset my meetings. It sync'ed and seems to have worked.

      Thanks for the tip - I figured it was something silly!



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        I'm glad it worked, Grant! Silly little things like that drive us batty, don't they? I almost didn't post, because I was afraid I was way out in left field on that one, but I've done similar things in the past, so . . .