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Macro to add Project to Task Subject

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  • Macro to add Project to Task Subject

    I created my own macro which adds the project to the beginning of the task name, so you can sort by project. I use * as the delimiter since Outlook, Pocket Informant and Blackberry all sort * before alpha characters. The [ character is sorted after alpha characters on Blackberry.

    Here is the macro ( worked in OL2000 and now in OL2003 ). I also added a button to the toolbar, but I don't remember how.

    Create a new task, select a project and then run Macro. It inserts *Projectname* at the beginning of the task subject. If you create the subject name first, you must Save the task before running macro. If not, the *Projectname* will replace the not-yet-saved subject.

    If you open an existing task, you can just run Macro, and it will insert *Projectname* in front of subject.

    NOTE there is no linebreak in any of these lines.

    Sub Proj()

    Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set myItem = myOlApp.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
    myItem.Subject = "*" & myItem.UserProperties("Project") & "* " & myItem.Subject

    End Sub

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    If you use Pocket Informant it would be more useful if you can have the project name fill the category field. Then you can sort or filter by category. Also with Pocket Informant, you can now view it in TLV as a project.

    Thank you,


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      PI baby...


      I so agree. Pocket Informant is fantastic...I am a LONG time user...since 2.0.