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Does anyone here use a service like efax?

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  • Does anyone here use a service like efax?

    Due to the amount of travel that I do, and my being the only person in the office, faxes and regular mail are a serious hole/delay for me. Not that much that I can do on the mail front, but I am re-considering getting my faxes forwarded automatically to one of these services where you then receive it as an email.

    Does anyone use a service like this?

    Any comments/suggestions?

    One concern - this is for business use. Does anyone know whether the actual faxes are stored by the companies that provide this kind of service?



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    I have been using efax since something like 1998. I have had no problems with the service at all and like the ability to receive faxes wherever. I have my account set to convert faxes into PDFs and so it has been very useful in terms of being able to forward documents. Finally, I have used the service as a scanner of sorts if I need a PDF and only have hard copy, I fax the document to myself.

    Happy to answer any other questions you might have.


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      I also have been a long time user of efax - many years now. In attempts to stay paperless, it is ideal, since of course there is no fax on paper to deal with. As mentioned in the prior reply, the convert to PDF feature is great, since I can then save the fax directly to my computer.

      I am using it for business.

      I don't usually use it for outbound faxes since it is cheaper to use our office machine or to E-mail a document, but where I am away from the office I have used it on occasion.

      In the past the document was not retained on their servers - I believe this may have changed since I recall an option now to view your faxes via the Web, which wasn't an option in the past.



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        Ureach is Excellent for Travelling Professionals

        I've used for ages and really love it. It's feature filled and allows me to send and receive faxes as well as manage my appointments, contacts etc.


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          I signed up for efax last week and I love it. It just works, no messing around, no fancy configuration problems. It just works. I'm now considering buying their other product Papermaster Pro for storing my documents electronically.


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            Or use a fax "mailbox" with your cell phone service

            If you DON'T need the ability to have your faxes arrive in your e-mail, or you don't have access to e-mail when travelling, then another alternative would be to consider adding faxmail to your voicemail service.

            I have a fax # that is attached to my cell # and are automatically received by a fax mailbox. I can phone in and 'pick up' the messages by re-directing them to an 'output' fax number.

            As much as I liked efax, I found that I didn't always have access to email when travelling and the ability to just "print out" a fax at the closest machine was quite helpful. And the difference with my provider was about $4/month to add the fax service.

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              I used efax for a while, but they never offered a local fax #. A friend referred me to a service called They actually sell (or did at the time I registered) the software to efax that runs their system. maxemail was cheaper, had local numbers & has worked perfectly for me. In a twist of fate, my maxemail # was very close to my business #, so I disconnected the office fax & have been using maxemailexclusively for over 2 years now. Works great!


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                I use

                Last year (2004) when I was comparing fax services, Send2Fax seemed to be the cheapest.


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                  Efax-like service

                  I've used efax (the free one) before and had several instances where the people trying to fax me couldn't get it to go through. Talk about frustrating.

                  I recently started using something similar that has been working really well. The faxes come to your email as .tif files and can easily be forwarded to someone else without the next recipient needing to have efax proprietary viewer. It's also completely free and the same number can be used for voicemail. The only snag is that you can't send faxes with through it


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                    I use I love it. $10 bucks a month and I get a toll-free fax line. My out of town clients love it. Also, I don't need to print all of my faxes. They come in pdf format, so I can save the document in a client file on my hard drive. I only print what I want/need to. Also, if a colleague of mine needs a copy of the document, I can just forward the e-mail. Very nice.


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                      Thanks for all the suggestions. I just signed up with MyFax and call forwarded my fax number to the number they gave me. It looks reasonably good. I sent myself as a test to my actual fax number a test message along with a Word and PDF attachment and they both came through fine.

                      Now I can travel in peace a bit more knowing I won't miss orders. Also, I do get a lot of orders faxed through so this is great for archiving digitially too.




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                        I use efax - no problems whatsoever. I pay something for a local telephone number, but I don't recall how much.