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  • Outlook Implementation

    Was just wondering what the best way was to implement GTD within Outlook.

    Currently I use Contact records and a custom "Project" form and enter projects there, denoted by their names in brackets []. In these projects I list all of the actions that belong to that project, along with the goals of the project, and any notes regarding that project.

    I use Categorized Tasks for my Next Actions. I have different categories (Home, Computer, Programming, Phone, Email, etc.) that I categorize my Next Actions into.

    My MAIN problem is that after an action is completed, I have to manually open the project, see what the next action is, and create a new categorized Task for that next action. Sometimes I become very lazy and do not do this, only because I may complete 2-3 actions in a very short period of time and there is no reason to create the next actions when I am just going to do them. By doing this, however, I feel I am in a way cheating the system.

    Basically I just want to find out how others are using Outlook without the Add-In. I downloaded the add-in trial a few months back and wasn't very impressed which is why I decided to just use basic Outlook.

    I have access to all Microsoft products (Word, Outlook, OneNote, etc.). I've looked into implementing GTD in OneNote but my concern there is lack of reminders and alarms (which I desperately need to keep focused).

    Any comments, suggestions, ideas, flames (haha), anything really - would be greatly appreciated.

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    HEre ya go...

    I was the same way so I found this on the GTD site:

    GTD Outlook Implementation

    It has been really helpful and takes you through step-by-step. Well worth the money.

    Hope that helps.