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Does anyone have the Samsung SCH-i730

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  • Does anyone have the Samsung SCH-i730


    I have been keeping an eye on getting a PDA/Phone for the last year now, but wasn't ready to move until I saw something that looked right. I am more tied into Pocket PC than Palm and Verizon is my provider.

    To date I used a Gomadic cable link to tie my cell phone to my PDA, but that of course requires carrying three things around even I just want to step out to a coffee shop or bookstore and stay connected.

    I was considering very seriously moving to the Palm Treo 650 but as I said I just prefer Pocket PC.

    But now the Samsung SCH-i730 has come out and this looks really tempting. I have noted one or two downsides, but on balance it looks just right for me.

    Does anyone have one of these yet and if so, what do you think.



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    Okay. Update. I have one now

    In fact I have two right now because of Verizon's mistake compounding mistake. But I need to figure how to returrn one of them.

    Activation was not too difficult. Have installed WebIs Mail, Pocket Informant and a couple of other apps so far. Synched up to Outlook and everything has transferred nicely.

    Have already been able to download emails and browse the web a little bit using Verizon's EVDO network. It is pretty fast and really nice to be able to just surf the web and/or get my emails while traveling around with the minimum of fuss.

    So far it seems to be working as I had anticipated and hoped. Will try and post a more thorough review in a week or two.



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      another update Paul?


      How's it going with the phone? I am at the point of returning to paper but still thinking through the Treo650. Your comments and a quick browse of the 'Net makes me think I should also consider the Samsung.

      Two points to note though, the phone has been around since late last year and there seems little on it on the 'Net. Secondly, I don't think Samsung offer them in Australia!!

      Bill, Perth