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Outlook question: Maintaing two PST files on one machine

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  • Outlook question: Maintaing two PST files on one machine


    A question for the Outlook experts here. I use Outlook for contact and task management. So far I just maintain one PST file on my computer. As I was the only person using Outlook in our company this wasn't an issue. However, now my corporate company is looking to shift to an Outlook based system. Therefore I would like to separate out my personal stuff from my professional stuff into two separate pst files. I can then copy across the professional pst file to the corp company server just for back ups while keeping my personal pst file just for me.

    If I do this, can I still access both PST files at the same time on Outlook on my computer, and can I synch both pst files to a pda - I used a Pocket PC and Activesynch?



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    Yes to the first question. Don't know to the second.

    In most versions of Outlook, if you go through File-Open, you can select a .PST file. It will show up as another folder or folder tree under your main Outlook folder tree. You can then copy from one folder to another (e.g., Tasks to Tasks).

    As to the second, in the Palm environment, Chapura's PocketMirror allows you to draw from multiple calendars and other folders. I'm not sure about the PPC/Activesync environment.