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Outlook Question - Automatic filing with Reply

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  • Outlook Question - Automatic filing with Reply

    I just downloaded the trial version of the MS Outlook Add-in. It is very useful. One thing I particularly like is that when I hit the 'Delegate' button it does the following: 1) Forwards the e-mail to recipient; 2) Creates a Task; 3) Gives me the option to File the e-mail in a reference folder.

    In a similar function to this I would like to use one button to do the following: 1) REPLY to an e-mail; 2) Have the option to create a task; 3) Have the option to file in the directory of my choice. To me this seems like the simplest way to both process my e-mails and file the originals in a place that I can find them later.

    Does anyone know how to do this either through the outlook Add-in or Outlook itself? Or, am I missing something? Is there another very simple way for me to reply to my e-mails and store them for reference at the same time?


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    Netcentrics is planning on releasing an update soon. I think what you are asking for is on the list of things they intend to put in the update. You can check their website at to see if what they are planning will meet your need.