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  • Mapping & staying on track

    As a governmental field rep. who covers 13,000 square miles of territory, I use Microsoft Streets and Trips with GPS on my laptop to save hours of time in locating my stops.

    Instead of wasting valuable time calling for directions (which are sometimes unreliable), I simply obtain the physical (street) address from the file/letterhead/website of the person/business/agency and enter it using the "Find" feature. When all of my locations for the day are on the map, I then use the "Create Route" feature to plan the most efficient route between all my stops. The map for each day is saved as that day's date, allowing me to create a map for a trip that may be weeks or even months away.

    When Iím on the road, the "Create Trail" feature of the GPS lets me know instantly if I miss a turn, and let's me correct my course immediately instead of realizing my mistake miles down the road and back-tracking. It also lets me navigate around unexpected traffic delays, such as Interstate shut-downs resulting from serious traffic accidents.

    I also have maps of my favorite hotels, restaurants, fuel stops, highway rest areas, ATM locations, unsecure wi-fi hot spots, golf courses, trout streams, and other places that I need to be able to locate quickly.

    Mapping easily saves me at least an hour a day when Iím on the road, and the confidence of knowing that I wonít be lost, late, or left looking is immeasurable.