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Any updates from Goldmine users?

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  • Any updates from Goldmine users?

    There were a couple of posts in the last few months from Goldmine users who were looking to implement GTD in Goldmine.

    Just wanted to give an update on where I am in that implementation. I am using the activities of calls, appointments, next actions and others in GM, along with activity codes to describe the context (only for next actions and others, since calls and appointments are self-evident).

    Then I print a pending wide line report that I've tweaked that breaks it out by activity code (context) in a nice list.

    My next goals: I am going to be working on Goldmine projects to see if it is a worthy candidate to handle GTD projects, and am also going to see how all of this fits in with Palm syncing.

    Any other Goldmine users have other options/comments?


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    Ryan I am a Goldmine user but have avoided implementing GTD as it appeared to be too difficult to figure out. I would love to hear more about your system of codes etc. GM is really a great program and would probably be perfect if I could implement GTD. Thanks in advance.

    Paul Skikne


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      Just diving in


      Good to hear from a fellow Goldmine user. I am just diving in, both in GTD, and in Goldmine. I've had Goldmine for a while now, but never really took it beyond a simple contact manager. There is so much more in there, and the beauty of it is, it seems very geared toward GTD (especially with the calendar and scheduling interfaces).

      Right now, I'm just experimenting with having Goldmine print my next action lists. For example, I use the "Pending Wide Line" report already configured in Goldmine. I've tweaked it a bit to include phone numbers. I have them broken out by context (in the activity code section of anything that you schedule...I'm working with @home, @errands, waiting for's, etc.).

      I'm still working on the report...for example, the activity code is limited to 3 characters: @hm, @er, @wf, and I'd like that to translate to @Home, @Errands, Waiting For in the report...probably a very simple thing to do, just have not had a lot of time to hammer it out.

      Where I started seeing the connection between GM & GTD is the Activity Lists (F6 shortcut). You can simply right-click the activity list and print it. Then I just started tweaking that.

      Like I said in my original post, after I get the report where I want, I'm going to mess around with the Projects in Goldmine, and also tying it into my Palm. I'm confident it's all possible, the question is whether it's possible by me.



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        Goldmine user

        My sales team use GM extensively as contact management software, but not the GTD concepts. I don't beleive the GM project section is complete enough to use regularly.