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PDA & other gadget carrier?

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  • PDA & other gadget carrier?

    What do you use to carry all your electronic gadgets? I'm looking for something like a planner/porfolio style case that could carry a Palm LifeDrive, small digital camera, cell phone, a few pens, small/medium notepad, and couple outher misc items.

    I'm looking for something that I can easily slide into a briefcase or carry separately. Does something like this exist? Is there a good place to buy accessories/inserts to make my own from a 3-ring binder?


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    Lots of the "planner" companies make binders that attempt to merge pdas with paper (Frankin Covey, Daytimers, DayRunner, etc). You may also want to look at for something called (if I remember correctly) a briefcase shuttle. Holds pda, cellphone, pens, 5x8 notepad, etc.




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      Tool Shuttle


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        Thanks. The Tool Shuttle looks like what I had in mind. I also found this product from RoadWired at

        Has anyone had experience with any of the RoadWired products?


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          Originally posted by Jake
          Has anyone had experience with any of the RoadWired products?
          For about a year I've been using one of their large "R.A.P.S." to protect my laptop inside my big leather satchel. Very happy with the product, and with the experience of ordering from RoadWired.



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            Here you go...

            I have used these products for years. VERY well made, all leather, lasts forever...

            EB Cases

            And if you really want to go all out, I highly recommend these of the line:

            Vaja Cases

            Good luck...I can tell you out of all the ones I;ve used and seen, these two companies offer the best, in my humble opinion.

            Take care,



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              Companies such as Lowepro makes all sorts of camera pouches (styles, sizes, etc.). I use one for my Canon A75. I also use a pouch for my Motorola V400 phone. I carry those items along with my 8.5" x 11" leather binder in a Samsonite shoulder bag.

              I wouldn't try to find the perfect bag with pockets for all those items (I hope you have a thin camera if you are thinking of buying this thing in the previous message!). Just buy pouches that are a perfect fit for your items (cell phone, digital camera, MP3 player, etc.) and toss those in a generic bag that suits you well.