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    David Allen commented on the use of colored plastic folders for travel purposes instead of the standard manilla folders which tend to get beaten up. I've gone to Office Depot, Office Max, etc. and I have been unable to find them. Does anyone know of a source online? TIA


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    I know that Levenger used to carry some.

    A Froogle search for "plastic folder" brings up several possibilities for online retailers. Another possibility is to see if a major manufacturer like Esselte has the product you want and then special-order it from your local office supply store. Office Depot delivers my special orders to my door.

    For travel, I use one of those inexpensive plastic expandable files available everywhere. Personally, I think it's easier to keep track of one expandable than a bunch of different file folders when traveling. Nothing falls out of the expandable. Get one that's easy to open and close (e.g., Velcro), not the kind with the string that has to be wound around this way and that!


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      Forgot to mention that for everyday use, Pendaflex makes an appealing product, the EasyView file folders. Pendaflex makes the best-quality folders I have found. It's the only brand I will buy.


      • #4, item 533539 is an example.


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          Originally posted by bdavidson
, item 533539 is an example.
          Yup. I went into Staples about 2 weeks ago and was absolutely giddy to have found some. Item 439328: 24 folders, 3-tab, bomb-proof poly/plastic.


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            Plastic Project Folders

            Hello to you all - my first post in these forums.

            I really love those plastic folders. They are called project folders and you can find them in large office supply stores like Office Depot or Staples. The trick is that they are not shelved with the 'folders' (heavens NO), but next to the accordian folders.

            I don't have too many specific daily things to do (but a lot of long term projects) so I find an accordian 30-day folder really bulky and awkward. My current system is a large leather zippered binder in which I have:

            5 project folders labeled Monday through Friday. This is for forms, appointment slips, meeting notes etc. for the upcoming week.

            2 more project folders 'Office IN and Home IN' for capturing incoming material in either place.

            Upcoming materials (in order of date if possible) in one manilla folder for the current month. I have the other 11 monthly folders in my file cabinet where I can defer actions or ticklers until the appropriate month.

            I also have misc project materials (in their color coded plastic project folder) if I feel the need to have them near me.

            I'm using the Planning Pad for task tracking.

            This is working as well as anything ever has before. I'm pleased.



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              DavidCo Now Makes Them

              Just a quick note to say David Allen now makes his own travel folders:



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                Staples has started to carry them in stores, stocked with the other file folders. Item #439328. "3-Tab Poly File Folders". Box of 24 in assorted colors - yellow, green, red & blue.


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                  I tend to use the string-tie poly envelopes (like Staples #906380) for transporting project materials outside of my office. The string tie helps me feel confident I've not dropped any papers, something I tend to expend energy worrying about otherwise.


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                    I use Pendaflex "Esselte" clear polo files. Model # 51055; it comes in a pack of 6, color coded - blue, yellow and red. Tabs are 1/3 cut. Pendaflex also has a similar product # 51066 (6 pack/color coded). This last product has no side tab, but a long tab at the bottom.

                    Both these items are designed for file 'stacking' so the files do not move as you add to the pile! Plus the tab is a re-writable one - if you use a pencil.

                    On a side note, DA new files appear to be 1/3 cut. A slight movement away from his position of maintaining tabs in one location.


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                      If you want to check, also there is some in the DAVIDCO Store.


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                        I switched to plastic folders a few years ago and like the ones from Jeffco ( I use the frost ones for client projects (you can see the top page of the contents through the plastic), and colored ones for personal projects.