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Priject List with Outlook Add-in

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  • Priject List with Outlook Add-in

    I love my add-in but I am looking for a way to print in paper my list of projects in a way that I can presented.

    I already try printing in outlook, but did not like it. I also try exporting to Excel, that is better but not a solution.

    How are the other users doing this.

    The idea is, that if I need to report a project, I do not need to do everything again, I will love to do it from Outlook.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    What Sort of Report?

    Apinaud -- Can you post a description (or better yet, an image) of what you would like these reports to look like? For example, do you just want a list of your Projects, or do you want the Projects and the Tasks associated with the Project....stuff like that.

    Regards.....Bill Kratz