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Sharing Tasks with Other People

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  • Sharing Tasks with Other People

    I use a calendar, contact and task sharing tool (shared via email) with my clients. One client has the GTD add-in and wants to share his tasks with me so that I will be able to add, delete and edit his tasks. In order for this to work, I will have to have his projects and actions listed within my project and actions lists - right? This may make my project list so long - especially if we both have sub-projects. Is there any way to avoid this?

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    sharing Outlook tasks

    I have a question similar to Terry's.

    Our small (4-person) department uses Outlook (with no add-ons) and it is set up as GTD recommends. Once a week, one or another of us sends an email to a larger group of 30 people; a couple of us take turns writing the email. However, all 4 of us will often have items to contribute. What I would like to do is create a task in @Email called "Weekly Notes," and then share that task (but that task only) with my 3 colleagues. Then as items occur to any of us, we can type them into the notes section of the task for eventual editing and completion by whomever is sending the notes out later that week.

    I tried this by creating and Assigning the task, but Outlook would only allow me to assign it to one person, not all three (i.e., we all need editing capability on the task).

    'Any ideas? Am I overlooking something very basic in Outlook?