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Folder management in Outlook?

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  • Folder management in Outlook?

    I've been using Outlook folders to file reference information for quite some time and I have a LOT of folders under my inbox now.

    I also have an autoarchive rule that moves the contents of those folders to an offline folder.

    As a result, I have a bunch of empty reference folders that I want to get rid of. I also have some reference folders in my offline archive that I no longer need.

    Cleaning / purging all of this in Outlook is a pain - does anyone know of a good utility to use for this? I'd love something that works like Explorer or a program I use called PowerDesk - they allow me to browse folders and easily delete, move, rename and merge folders. That's very clunky in Outlook's native interface.

    Any ideas?

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    Sorry if this is a repeat -- "Lookout" as an alternative

    I've been using Lookout, a free piece of software that constructs an index for Outlook (and, optionally, for other folders on your computer), and will also index IMAP folders on a server. Since then, I've gotten rid of most of my folders and just search for what I want. Searching is really fast (a second or so), and it's changed the way I use Outlook.

    You can find it at


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      Reference Material in Off-Line Folders

      I am always hitting the upper limit of my inbox capacity so a long time ago I moved to storing all reference materials in my off-line archive. Stuff probably should be purged, but I usually just start a new archive .pst every year and burn the old one to a CD along with financial and tax records.

      I use Google desktop to search for stuff and it works great.


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        Still got empties

        Thanks for the advice. I used Outlook long ago, and have switched to MSN Desktop Search so I have the search part nailed.

        Like jpm, I archive my messages regulary to deal with the space issues in my mailbox.

        I'm still looking for a simple utility that looks for folders in Outlook that are empty, and gives me the ability to delete them. It would also need a feature that would allow me to flag certain folders as "Never Delete" (like my Inbox! When I get it empty, it shouldn't be deleted).