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  • Business Card Containers

    I have a nice, metallic case that I use to hold about 20 business cards in my suit jacket pocket on occasions where I dress formally.

    Other times however, such as when Iím at the gym, running errands, etc., I still meet people and like to exchange business cards. So I keep additional cards in my gym bag and work briefcase.

    But Iím having trouble storing them in the bags. Iíd rather not buy another two $20 business card holders, like my metallic one, that only hold about 20 cards and are rather heavy. Iíve been leaving a stack of cards wrapped with an elastic band in the bags, but that looks rather unprofessional, and some of the cards get scuffs and dog ears. So that doesnít work.

    Does anyone have suggestions for a way to store the cards? Ideally something light, non-bulky, that protects the cards, and maybe could store 30 or more.

    How do you store your cards so that you always have them readily available wherever you are?

    GTD onward!

    Kevin Kane

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    I keep 5 or 10 in my wallet; it's always with me. And I keep a small stack at home, in my briefcase, as well as at work. Makes it easy to replenish them.


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      Business Card Containers

      Altoid Tins make great carriers. They keep the cards nice and clean and crisp, they are cheep, and they don't look unprofessional.


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        My wallet is already too fat, but Altoids containers! That's clever.

        I hear that Staples has leather biz-card "pouches" for a couple bucks. I'll also look in the "wallet section" of department stores and leather shops.

        Kevin Kane


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          Altoid Tins

          I use them for all kinds of organization. they make good pill cases and cases for paper clips and they take the Brother labels from my label maker very well.
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            Use the Altoids tin the you will have "curiously strong" business cards.