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Moving Somedayed Projects back to Active

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  • Moving Somedayed Projects back to Active

    Hi all,
    Having a problem that is probably my lack of understanding on Tasks (something, by the way, that I really don't use that much) and how to use the 'Somedayed' option.

    Let's say I create a new Task and assign it a project (with 'New Project'). This will create the 'bold' task identifier and the associated one task under it. I then change this task to 'Someday" and it correctly goes to the 'Somedayed Project Actions'.

    BUT: From the Somedayed Project Actions I cannot change it back to a project; heck I can't even open it! It will allow the associated task under the heading to be opened, but never the heading.

    I know I must be doing something wrong! Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Changing somedayed projects back to live projects

    Open the tasks folder and select the Ative Tasks by Action (GTD) view. Expand the Someday grouping and find the relevant task item in question. Open the task and change the Action from Someday/Maybe to Project. This should restore all of the inactive someday maybe actions associated with the project back to the tasks folder.

    Hope this helps.


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      It worked!

      Thank you so much for the assitance! It worked.


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        I'm curious on this one : are you guys talking of some specific tool or just the plain Palm standard TODO lists ?