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  • Ipod & GTD

    Many years ago I`ve been using Palm, PocketPC and Smartphones. Now, Im simplifing my life. I think perhaps I dont need many technological toys to track my appoiments, contacts, notes, etc. Im a Mac user and work as researcher. Many of my references must be printed in paper so I only need datebook, contacts, to-do and notes. Ical and Idisk with syncng between home and work computers may be OK.
    Now Im thinking about dropping my Palm T5 and only use Ical+Agenda+Notes and .mac syncing between computer and Ipod.

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    iPod and GTD

    Hi -
    I've been using the iPod as a read-only PDA like this. For GTD lists and other frequently-referenced notes, I use VoodooPad ( which I can synch to the iPod as notes.

    It would be nice to have the ability to manage lists in odd moments the way one can with a real PDA, but I was never able to get good enough at entering data. Using the iPod for reference and making handwritten notes for new input has worked pretty well for me.



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      Ipod for Reference

      I did the same and got rid of my PocketPC. I use the iPod to keep track of contacts. I use my plain cell phone to remind me of appointments. Since I am bound to MS Outlook, I use Sperry Soft's product to email my phone (via SMS) for meeting reminders.


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        Starting to do the same

        I am also starting to use my ipod in my GTD setup. I use a paper planner, but found it difficult to keep the type of refernce material that I need in paper format and neat. So I created some .txt files that I send over to my ipod. I am able to view the data in them at any time and I basically just use my paper planner to organize my list. The more I think about it, I think that I could impliment a pretty good GTD system with an Ipod and a moleskine - hmmm, that may be something to think about.