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Macro to make GTD addin work better with Pocket Informant

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  • Macro to make GTD addin work better with Pocket Informant

    About a month ago I rewrote another users macro to add the project name to the task title. In my version I add it to the Category field, so It can be viewed in PI's Timeline view. I just wrote a new version that will do 2 things differently:

    1) It will now add subprojects also to the category field
    2) It won't delete any categories you have assigned in the category field already.

    This macro should work in appointments, tasks, or journals. As I learn more about VBA, I will be adding more functionality. So if anybody has any ideas please post them. Remember, the main for this macro is to make it work better with the Pocket PC and PI but I will take any ideas that might be useful. The next things I will be working on adding is:

    1) Have the macro add the project and subprojects automatically
    2) I will also be taking a crack at adding a project and subproject field to email, and contacts. I don't think I will be able to access the GTD databases for these fields but I might be able to set up a separate drop down box that you can reenter the projects and subprojects.


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    How does one go about getting this macro you speak of?
    I use PI and would like to try it out if you are making it available to others.




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      Here is the macro

      Sub project()

      Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
      Set myItem = myOlApp.ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
      myItem.Categories = myItem.UserProperties("Project") & ", " & myItem.Categories & ", " & myItem.UserProperties("Subproject")

      End Sub