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Tickler file ("45-file")...where to buy?

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  • Tickler file ("45-file")...where to buy?

    I can't find one anywhere (I'm in Australia). People don't seem to know what I'm talking about.

    I've heard Brian Tracy mention it on one of his audio tapes - he called it DESK FILE, by Mead Company. I've searched for this on the net, but have not found it. I'd like a good quality one that is practical and easy to use (don't we all...).

    Help, anyone?!! Thanks
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    I made my own in a desk drawer with 43 separate manilla file folders:
    Jan-Dec and 1-31.

    I saw on (search for pocket file) a portable one that has 31 pockets, but did not see any with 43 pockets.

    There is a mead product with 43 folders called DESK FILE here:

    Staples has something like it at
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      Tickler file

      Hi Robyn

      Perth here. We had the same dilemma but went for the "manual" version. "Manual" being buying a couple of lever arch files as well as monthly and daily dividers. From the look of Smeads that what it is (maybe I have missed something though).

      We also went to the trouble of buying 43 manila folders and labelling each one and using a filing cabinet.

      In the end it works well. I think I prefer the "manual" method because the construction makes it clearer in my mind so I value it more.

      What I really can't understand is that I cannot find manila folders with 1/3 tabs. It's either 1/5th or nothing.




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        If you do not use separate folders that you create yourself, you may have to combine one accordian folder that has 1-31 dividers and another separate accordian folder that has 12 dividers labeled for each month...

        The advantage of separate folders that you label yourself is that you can actually sort them so that if tomorrow is the 14th...that folder is on top...and if next month is November, that folder is the first monthly folder...


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          ready made tickler file

          The only one I have found is here

          For those of you who stay in one place I would recommend 43 labelled stationery folders that you can rotate rather than a bound tickler.

          However, if you travel a lot these are excellent


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            Originally posted by Robyn View Post
            I can't find one anywhere (I'm in Australia). People don't seem to know what I'm talking about.
            Hi Robyn, this is Adelaide calling.

            Originally posted by Robyn View Post
            I've searched for this on the net, but have not found it. I'd like a good quality one that is practical and easy to use (don't we all...).
            Ahhh, those sad searches for things that no longer exist. Like those metal plates you can put in file drawers to keep folders standing...

            Anyway, the tickler file. I use the Hipster PDA version, which is 43 manila folders with months and 1 - 31 on labels. Advantages: cheap, practical (in that you will always have today at the front, or the month if it's new), and ubiquitous. Disadvantages: doesn't work too well if you want to carry the whole thing around (but who does that? Unless you work from your car).

            Other folk use accordion files, although I think it's hard to find the right size (ie with 43 slots). Advantages: you can carry the whole thing easily. Disadvantages: you have to remember where you are in the month, and stuff sometimes gets stuck at the bottom or drifts between the slots.

            Your choice, really. I'm absurdly happy with mine, because I like the crispness of the folders, the clarity of the standup labels, the completeness of taking the whole folder out and resettling it at the back, and the funky colours.

            BTW, if you've not come across the Hipster PDA yet, it's a hoot. Created by Merlin Mann of 43 Folders, the coolest GTD geek in the biosphere. Here's the original Hipster PDA (I particularly like the photo), and here's The Hipster Shuffle, which is basically some Brit having fun with the idea.



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              A binder can work well

              My tickler has been in a 3-ring binder, and it has worked very well. Most things get written on a sheet of paper in the the appropriate tab. Odd-shaped things (or unpunched things) could be put on a sheet protector in the tab, but I haven't needed to do that.

              One advantage of this method is that it is easy to integrate the next month, incrementally. When you finish today's tickler tab, you move it into the next month, and integrate whatever is in the front of the "untabbed space".



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                Both my ticklers (work and home) are in binders with plastic wallets if the item is either small, or a large document that I don't want to punch holes in. It looks very similar to Webb's.