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Synchronizing Outlook on two computers

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  • Synchronizing Outlook on two computers

    I recently purchased a new notbook computer to replace one that died a year ago and having lived with it for a few weeks I canít imagine how it could be improved upon. But once again, Iím trying to find a really workable way to have my Outlook files on both the notebook and my desk computer and keep them synchronized. Exporting the files from one computer then importing them into the other never worked for me. In order to avoid having duplicate entries I would have to delete all of the old data before importing. This was too tedious and I was always concerned that I might make a mistake and corrupt the files.

    Putting the .pst files on a memory stick and plugging that into whichever computer I happen to be using is one approach thatís been suggested elsewhere in this forum and it has a certain appeal. Since thereís only one data set, one doesnít have to be concerned with which data set is the most current. But to avoid the risk of ďlosingĒ that data set, I think I would still want to have copies on the hard drives of the two computers, and if Iím doing that, why not keep them there? Iíve uncovered two programs written specifically to synchronize Outlook on more than one computer. Does anyone here have experience with them? How well do they work? Are they capable of keeping track of what has been changed in which version of the data set so that when they are synchronized the most current data is retained? Would you trust your Outlook data to them?

    They are:
    ezoutlooksync, found at

    and easy2sync, by a German company and to be found at

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    I asked this same question a while ago and have never really found what I wanted. I've tried both of the programs you mention, and while they do work, they just never fit into what I was trying to do (I don't want to have to be networked to sync). I've been transferring the .pst files via usb thumb drives but it just occured to me as I was writing this to use the Micosoft Sync Toy to keep the .pst files in sync. I'm going to give it a try tonight and see how it works out.


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      I haven't looked in detail but I believe Easy2Sync supports thumb drive syncing as well - choose the "Bridge File" sync option and keep the bridge file on the USB key.



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        You might want to consider a Hosted Exchange Account. I'm using one to keep my Outlook on my laptop, home desktop and office desktop in sync.

        Keeping your .pst on a thumbdrive is begging for data loss (especially if you have to travel much). I looked at a number of sync packages a while ago and none looked

        Advantages of Hosted Exchange: sync as many computers as you want, multiple backups (host plus each computer), Outlook Web Access (get to all your appointments, tasks, contacts, etc. from any browser)

        Disadvantages: monthly fee ($8-$12), slighly sluggish response at times


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          sync outlook with 2 computers

          The easiets way to do this is to use a pocket pc or palm, I have been syncing outlook between 2 computers this way for several years.



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            I have noticed by using palm to synchronize outlook between two computers that it may cause the task view/grouping to be lost


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              I was successfully synching my palm with 2 different PC and outlook for over a year without any problem. But for this, I was using keysuite ( instead of the default application that came with the palm as keysuite officially support synching between 2 PC, while the default applications was not (see info: This was one of the main reason for me to go with keysuite.

              Hope this help.


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                I have two solutions for this. For a while now I have been doing all my email on my laptop and it was clumsy to type on that and my desktop... switching is also uncomfortable on the body.

                The first solution I did was to use the remote desktop feature of windows (both of my computers are running Windows XP). It was great, and allowed me to use outlook remotely.

                I read this post the other day and the idea of the USB stick made me think a little differently and now I have a better solution. Since I have office on both computers, I have outlook on both. And I share files between them, so the permissions are already in place.

                All I did was to delete the .pst files (there are two in my case... outlook.pst and archive.pst) from the computer where you are not currently using Outlook. So for me this meant on my desktop. Then I started Outlook and it told me that I was missing the outlook.pst file. I pointed it to the file that lives on my laptop and it started up.

                I should note that I installed all add-ins into the new Outlook first, and used Outback Plus 5 to backup all the "stuff" in Outlook and recovered it into the new Outlook. (sound more complicated that it was)

                Now when I travel, everything is on my laptop, and when I am in the office, my Outlook works great on my desktop.

                I did have to export my rules and import them on both computers, but that is a minor thing. All in all, I'm really happy with this... it's been less than a week, so let's see how it goes.


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                  Originally posted by smithdoug View Post
                  Iím trying to find a really workable way to have my Outlook files on both the notebook and my desk computer and keep them synchronized.

                  I synced Outlook between my laptop and desktop for free using this youtube tutorial:

                  outlook sync from code2 can sync your items either automatically or when you click the sync button. cool app.


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                    Software based Outlook Sync can simplify the process of cable based sync. For seamless, Over-the-Air sync of Outlook with any Smart phone or Tablet, you need ActiveSync enabled Email system, known as Exchange Mail.
                    One option is Google Apps for Businesses although it requires modification to your domain and server settings.
                    A simpler one is triosync active sync mail. It is easy to setup and doesnít require any modification to your email account or domain settings