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  • Goals Question

    Ok, I've read and tried Hyrum Smith 10 natural laws, Covey's First things First and also GTD. I've found them all to be helpful and have formed a hybrid that really seems to work for me.

    My problem is in the goals dept. Smith says to make at least one step a day towards, Covey=define roles and plot out on a weekly basis and the GTD is a little confusing to me.

    What have you guys found to work best for you?

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    My Hybrid System

    I found DA's six levels ("altitudes") of reviewing work helpful only at the lower, "runway" levels, which seems intentional. He mentions at one point in GTD that the higher levels are not the book's focus, though he recommends revisiting higher level goals "to maintain a truly clear head."

    My hybrid system has four levels:
    1. Roles (Covey) or Areas of Responsibility (DA)
    2. Goals (Milestones, or longer term outcomes)
    3. Projects/Sub-projects (Short-term outcomes)
    4. Next Actions

    I review Roles and Goals every month, and Projects and NAs every week, or several times a week. The "Role Review" is brainstorming activity performed with MindManager/OneNote/Axon/paper, and the Weekly Review is more of a "housekeeping" activity performed on Zoot, and sync'd with my PDA.

    I haven't read Hyrum Smith. I'd be curious to hear about your (and others') hybrid systems.