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  • Mac and PC Combo

    Earlier this year I was using Windows XP at home and at work, syncing a pocket pc between the two. I gave my laptop to my daughter and bought an iBook.

    Entourage works as well, if not better than, Outlook. (Having bought the Outlook White Paper and the GTD Add-In, I look forward to receiving discount on the forthcoming Entourage White Paper )

    The biggest issue was the pocket pc - I still needed to use it for syncing with work PC network but could not sync it to Entourage & the iBook until I discovered Pocket Mac (which I have not seen mentioned on this board in this context).

    It solves the problem by syncing my pocket pc with Entourage on the iBook, and I still sync with Winfows XP on the workplace network.

    Works for me. URL below. Not affiliated with the company.

    If you want to make me an offer for my redundant Palm Tungsten T3, send me a PM