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  • PocketMod

    A friend just showed me this "thing" called PocketMod ( ).

    It is a free website where you create your own one-page printout that can serve as your evening module. You select how your pocketmod will look then send it to your printer. Then you follow the instructions to fold and make one cut and then you have a little booklet that you can stick in your pocket.

    It apparently has a downloadable application that you can use also.

    I swear by my Palm, but this is something I can use when I'm traveling light - the evening module.

    I figured that this forum had already discussed it, but I didn't find any reference to it. I thought that David would like the idea, but I know he also sells gear that serves this purpose.

    Take a look. Great Scott

  • #2
    I just stumbled on the PocketMod through another forum. It looks like it would be great for traveling light! I've already printed off a couple versions and downloard the "offline" software. Very cool & cheap too!