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  • Outlook shortcut keys

    Just read the article on Windows/Outlook shortcut keys and it's great, but it misses out one I use frequently, which is Alt+k to check email addresses. If there's any ambiguity in the address you get a dialog with a list of possibles to choose from, otherwise the address just gets completed.

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    Alt K

    I just hit alt + K and nothing happens...


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      @dal1mdm - create a new email or forward an existing one. In the To.../CC...or bcc... box, type the first few letters of the name/email address. Press Alt+K.

      In fact, you can use this in any Outlook form that has an email address entry, such as the "Contacts..." box in a Task/Calendar.

      The real power of short cuts in Outlook is that you can define them yourself. Do this by adding a button to one of the menu bars and defining an Alt+whatever combination.

      1. Right click on any toolbar, click Customize...
      2. Click on the Commands tab. Choose which command you want to use. E.g. for IMAP users, the Purge... command is quite useful.
      3. Drag and drop the command to a useful point in any toolbar.
      4. Right click the new button you have created.
      5. In the "Name" box you will see the name of the button. The letter after an "&" is the Alt shortcut. For instance we all know that "File" has the "F" underlined and we can press Alt+F to get to that button. In the case of "Purge", you could do this "&Purge" which gives you the Alt+P shortcut for that key.
      6. If there are more than one shortcut keys of the same letter, pressing that combination multiple times will jump back and forth between the relevant buttons.
      7. What I do is to create unique keys for important shortcuts, e.g. I do "&=Send All" for the "send all email now" button. This gives me Alt+= as a shortcut. Also you can use the number keys, e.g. "This Folder...&5". Pressing Alt+5 forces a sync of the current folder on an IMAP server.

      BTW, this trick also works with any of the Office suite programs.


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        Originally posted by dal1mdm
        I just hit alt + K and nothing happens...
        Depending on the version of Outlook you have, control-k works as well, or instead.