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Small keychain pens

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  • Small keychain pens

    I really love David's idea of putting everything down on paper as soon as possible so that our mind doesn't have to remember the same things twice. And I have a pen in my car, near my bed, and on my coffee table. But I have had trouble finding a small pen for either a keychain or wallet for when I'm out and about. I'd really like to keep it extremely small as I don't like bulking up my pockets at all (and of course, the less expensive the better). Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    key chain pen

    Go over to Office Depot. Cross makes a pen that will solve your issue regarding a compact pen.



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      small pens

      Daytimer has a pen & pencil set that I call subminiature. About 4" long and less than 1/4" diameter, both for 10.99 in the latest catalog, come in a velvety sort of slip case. Personally, I think too small for real hands but might be just what you are looking for.

      Another option is the Palm pen meant for use with the Palm V. Also about 4" long but thicker and has a PDA stylus too.

      ken in cold missouri


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        Small Pen

        the Cross pen is also at Staples and is called the "ION"

        Gordon - in Cold Canada


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          I like the Fisher Bullet Space Pen, myself. $20 or so.

          Zebra also makes a "pocket pen and pencil" set. Not sure the item #, but my local office supply store found it in their catalog for me. Fragile compared to the bullet pen, but smaller and writes a little better. $8 for both pen and pencil.


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            I second the Space Pen. has one where the cap is a stylus that works well for PDAs.


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              Check out Habitat Pen!

              Saw this and immediately thought of your need.

              Log on to and check out the merchandise labeled 1696 pen. I have the catalog and it looks just perfect!