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PDA Question - Which is best?

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  • PDA Question - Which is best?

    I purchased a Palm IIIc a while ago after reading David Allen's recoomending it as his tool of choice. It's been a great tool for me and the color is a great feature to have. Recently, the screen has been blinking and I'm thinking this might develop into a greater problem. I called Palm to inquire about repair (the least amount is 125.00). I've read about the Handera 330 and all the great reviews it has received and am definitely interested in it. I would appreciate tapping into the collective wisdom of the group to help me determine the best course of action. Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    Sony Clie

    I got a Sony Clie NVX-70 for Christmas, upgrading from the Palm 505. This unit is probably at the highest end of the price range for Palm OS devices, but I have to say the screen quality and color are phenomenal. Also, it comes with a built-in audio recorder (and a camera, although you can purchase a model without the camera) which is a great capture device for when I'm in the car and can't write things down to keep them out of RAM.


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      PDA Question...

      I have a 330, actually the third. The first two were replaced under warranty due to problems with the collapsing Graffiti area. I didn't even load any programs onto the last one, just started using my old Palm V until I bought a PalmIIIc on e-bay. I lost all confidence in the 330 due to the problems I had. Color is something I always wanted and will never give up again (easily, anyway). Right now, I'm thinking one of the new Sony models look good or maybe a M130. Personally, I don't like the color of the 515. The expansion cards on the 330 were awesome so the next one must have that feature as well as color.

      ken in cold missouri


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        My Experience:

        Over the years, I've used (in this order):
        Apple Newton
        Phillips Velo
        Palm V
        Palm Vx
        Compaq IPaq
        Palm Vx
        Palm m505
        Palm Tungsten T

        My current, since the day after Xmas, is the Tungsten -- and I love it.

        I liked the IPaq when I first started using it. The color is gorgeous and it has real handwriting recognition like the Apple Newtons did. As a writer, this was a huge appeal to me. I ended up using that one for almost a year before going back to my Palms.

        I gave up the IPaq for a couple of reasons:
        1. Business/productivity software selection was sparse (if not awful). Everything seemed to concentrate on "cool" and games, which are pretty much useless to me on a handheld.
        2. It feels like "Windows in a box". Clunky and unweildy.

        Oh yeah... it also insisted on using MS products on the DT. I hate that.

        So, I'm back to Palm (and have been for some time). I'm much more productive, and I've got access to some of the best software I've seen. I also have awesome color now, voice memos, speed, and tons of space. Still no real handwriting recognition but I'm dandy with grafitti so.... someday/maybe

        Kathy Burns
        Electronic Perceptions


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          To get my GTD process started on the electronic level I bought a Palm Tungsten on the last day of the year (and the tax deduction will be nice). I spent some time getting to know how it works. I fell in love with it and the potential for significant positive impact on my life and my wife/co-worker. So two days later I bought another one for my wife who is my Bus. Admin and Paralegal.

          We both absolutely love our Palm Tungstens. I know it is more costly than other versions but it is the latest OS (version 5.0) and has 16 Mb memory and great color. It won't be outmoded or replaced as quickly as the earlier versions. I just added the UltraThin Keyboard for $100 and it is a great enhancement!!

          I looked at the Pocket PC PDAs but was not impressed. I don't like MS products generally and only use them when there is no good alternative.

          I highly recommend the Palm Tungsten for the GTD process.

          Mark R. Ensign
          Amarillo, TX


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            The Sony SJ-30 is a great price/performance choice. Beautiful screen. If money is no object look at the Tungsten T or one of the high end Sony's.


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              Which PDA

              I can't believe that everyone isn't using the Handspring Treo 270 or 300. I have the 270, and have 5,000 minutes of no-roaming service from T-Mobile.

              The Treo is a sensational device....


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                The "smartphones" can very handy - I replaced a cellphone, pager, and PDA with one device (a Kyocera 6035) and my pants are certainly a lot less lumpy - there's also a lot less things to charge and maintain - and forget to take in the morning...




                Can you tell I'm a Palm OS guy - yes there are PocketPC/Phones, too.


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                  For me the kyocera 6035 is the ideal GTD device.
                  Plenty of room for all of your lists.
                  Has the phone built in.
                  Has a voice recorder built in.
                  $150 price tag.
                  Palm OS
                  Sprint service is available for it.
                  That in an EBCase is my weapon of choice for GTD!


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                    Just purchased a Kyocera 7135 Smartphone. Awesome piece of equipment - phone, pda, e-mail all in one device. Perfect for GTD.

                    Paul Skikne - Owner
                    Montana Avenue Realty
                    Santa Monica, California


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                      Thanks !!

                      A brief note to say THANK YOU for sharing your collective wisdom and experience on this subject. I ended up buying a Palm Tungsten T and am quite happy with it. I picked it up at a good price and the features provide exactly what I need.



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                        Blackberry as PDA

                        The wireless email function makes this astandout. Different than pda's that have to go out and "get" the email, this is push technology that always keeps you connected, with a pda to boot.


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                          Re: Blackberry as PDA

                          Greetings All...

                          I've been using Palm's for about 2 years, 3 months now. My first one was the M105. A nice chunk of memory, comfortable in the hand, and with enough options, like the Stowaway Keyboard, to show me the potential of the media.

                          At the end of last year, I had the opportunity to get the M515 for close to cost. I got one as gift for X-Mas; and after drooling over it and resisting the urge to open the box, play with it, and put it back in before the holidays (lol) I got one for myself.

                          At the beginning of this year my company issued a policy mandating that certain Project Managers carry Blackberries.

                          I've been walking around now for about 6 months with both devices, and I have to say that the Blackberry is excellent as a "reactive" device - keeping you in touch with the outside world, and putting out fires while they are still small. In terms of being "proactive" and organizing your life, I think the Palm is still the best. Palm has the advantage of color, superior organization through use of Categories, and a variety of ways to navigate the device so that you can either retrieve or capture info quickly.

                          The Blackerrys are limited by limited (or no) use of categories, a greyscale screen (which reminds me of my old M105, but worse); and only one main way to navigate - the "wheel." Plus, the third party software options are also limited. It is obvious from the device itself, that the developers primary goal was the e-mail/pager. The PIM parts of the device, were either released pre-maturely and not fully developed, or simply not the priority in their vision of the device.

                          A perfect marriage would be if RIM (the manufacturer) would license their software/hardware to Palm - so we could have the best of "proactive" and "reactive" in one piece of hardware. But then I'd only have one "holster" on my belt....

                          Now, if you'll excuse me - my Blackberry is vibrating....


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                            One device for email and GTD

                            Anyone know of a device that allows streaming wireless email like the Blackberry and following the GTD method? Both are so useful for me and others at my company that it would be great to have both in one. Carrying two devices (plus a phone) really gets unwieldy.


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                              GTD on PDA

                              Trough the kind offices of a friend I have a Treo 600 Dazzling device, does it all, and I am amazed that I have used the camera in it about 60 times.

                              Does everything a Palm does, can be set to work like a Blackberry, screen is dazzling, and I have been using it to listen to David's book on Audible.

                              Get in line to buy one, they are going to be very hot!