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something handy for weight management.

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  • something handy for weight management.

    If your project involves your weight and a recurring n/a is weigh yourself and record the weight, you might like this little program, it costs about $10.00. Its value is the moving average.

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    Hacker Diet.

    I found this valuable. Something to read and free software to use:
    An implementation of the Eat Watch® nutrition and exercise log and analysis software for the Palm Computing Platform (PalmPilot, Palm, PalmOS, etc.), including desktop software for any platform with a standard C language environment which generates illustrated HTML logs from databases backed up from the handheld.


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      is it necessary to have software that tracks weight loss?

      Will a bog standard set of bathroom scales and a piece of paper not do?


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        Some people live on their computer ...

        When you keep everything else on the computer or the pda, you want to use it for everything, to keep everything with you wherever you are--I used to try to do that, but gave up.

        But for paper and pencil users, there's this at the DIY Planner site:

        Diet and Exercise Tracker


        Weight Watchers Flexipoint package


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          computer not really necessary,

          for that matter neither is a scale and apen and parer, but, longterm weight control in our sendentary and food-adundant society is a real uphill battle for many of us. Anything that keeps my goals and "best practices" in mind more than they would be otherwise is helpful. I personally think that the Weight Commander is quite ingenious and a bargain. Being able to capture trends inspite of shorterm ups and downs is quite helpful and has helped me change my philosophy.


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            Trends are more important than the day to day variation.
            I use a spreadsheet with a couple of formulas and graphs.


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              Thanks a million for posting this link, Jamie!

              Wow. I downloaded this program on the 7th, installed it on my system, and initialized it. Began using it with a fair amount of skepticism. I'd been trying to convert my eating to the "Blood Type Diet" (O) with decent success in food choices, but not in portion control, and had not lost weight til then.

              The WeightCommander isn't a diet program that gives you any new gimmicks or tricks. It's more a consolidation of the best common sense you've ever heard on dieting, as well as hard facts like basal metabolic rates, projected weight loss, and some basic calorie expenditure and calorie count lists. There are some neat features I haven't yet used, too, like recipe file holders, shopping list generators, a diary, etc.

              OTOH, it's simple, On the other, it's like having an ace Weight Watchers counselor and a savvy geek friend on call in your computer. For whatever reason, I'm 6 days into using the program and, without feelings of undue deprivation, have lost 6 pounds. Most of it's got to be water, but as anyone who's been there knows, it's great to have that kind of initial boost when you're trying to get serious with a reduction scheme.

              I don't know why it works, but I think it's a real boon to dieters. When it comes to weight loss, there's no magic, but there are good tools. This is surely one of them. If you're motivated, why not give it a try; it'll work free for 5 days.

              Thanks again, Jamie.
              [no biz or other relationships with product, producer, etc.]