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Categories in Outlook and Palm

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  • Categories in Outlook and Palm

    I am trying to setup a palm to sync with Outlook. I am familar with Outlook and familar with Palm but not with using them together. I have the data syncing fine except for catogories. Can not seem to get categories to sync between the two?

    What am I missing here?

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    Some versions on Palm software support only one category per item. So, even though Outlook can have many categories per item, you can sync only one to the Palm.


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      My understanding is that the supplied Palm programs only support 15 categories where as in Outlook you can have a couple hundred categories. That may be why they are not transferring over.

      I use Key Suite from instead of the Palm programs mostly because of the 15 category limit. In Key Suite you can have as many categories as in Outlook.


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        It was not the multiple category or 15 category limit that was the trouble. None of the categories synced at all. I found the problem. The software defaulted to not syncing the categories. The the option is to change it is in a non-intuitive place.

        KeySuite looks interesting but the setup I am dealing with is fairly simple, the limitations are managable and I definately don't need drop another seventy quid.

        Related question - is the $10 pdf on how to setup Outlook for GTD worth the money. It seems to me rather straight forward on how to go about setting it up. Again I have used Outlook for years, just not with GTD.


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          Greetings Max,

          Yes, the White Paper on Outlook is worth the money. If you like to keep things simple, don't want to add any extra software (like the GTD Outlook Add-in), and are a regular Outlook user, then you will find the paper excellent. It is like David's stuff in general; not complex but clean and simple, and easy to grasp and maintain - organized common-sense. It used to sell for thirty dollars, and people said it was worth it back then...

          Best Wishes,