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  • Post-It Digital Notes

    I'm using the 30-day trial version at the moment. It's cool. You can set up memoboards and add tabs for specific projects.

    Click on picture to view Post-It Digital Notes' features.

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    how do you use it, WRT GTD?

    Originally posted by Chet
    It's cool. You can set up memoboards and add tabs for specific projects.
    I'd be very curious to hear how you use this, Chet, esp. with respect to GTD. I'm studying Allen's work and how it can be adapted to various thinking styles. One example, as you mentioned, would be to represent all projects using the 2D workspace, as opposed to a plain list.


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      It works for me....

      I have used the 3M Post-it (R) Software Notes for several years. My experience is that it works best for me as a reminder system. I keep three memo boards, with these tabs (the number is part of the tab name):

      1 - Urgent
      2 - Back Burner
      3 - Low Priority
      4 - Personal

      Project Board
      1 - In Progress
      2 - Soon
      3 - Deferred
      4 - Someday/ Maybe

      1 - Problems
      2 - Research
      3 - Misc

      Within some individual tabs (such as my 'Progress Board': '1 - In Progress'), I also number the individual notes, so that when I print a memo board, I will see the tabs in order, and individual notes in order within the tabs. The print memoboard option will create a good ordered list of projects IF (this is important) the tabs and notes sort out. There are several sort options for printing.

      Normally I use the alarms to cover repeating "hard landscape" items: I have 13 notes currently in my 'Alarms': '1 - Urgent' tab, including reminders to visit the server room every two hours, reminding a co-worker to perform an action on Mondays and Thursdays (I used 2 notes for that), and so on. Some notes contain detailed instructions on how to perform the action, so that when the alarm goes off, how to do it is right there as well.

      I also tried to set up a board tracking active projects. For me, the jury is still out as to whether this feature is really useful. While I do have a 2D board to display my notes, I am not convinced of its use. (Your mileage may vary.)

      I would note that at least some of these capabilities are found in the Notes feature of Outlook (I do not use this feature, I cannot comment on it). For me, I have found it worth the price of the software for the alarm clock feature alone, and would recommend it to others on this basis. Also I note that there is a free version that places all notes on the desktop, if that is not a problem to you (I greatly prefer the memoboards).

      --Phil Hair


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        It turns out that there is a newer version of Post-it (R) Software Notes called Post-it (R) Digital Notes. I bought my copy a year ago when the release was 3.1. The latest (slightly renamed) version is 4.2. This appears to be just an upgrade, but the free version is no longer advertised. Sorry for the confusion.

        --Phil Hair


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          You can get a different program, called Stickies, and it's free.

          I actually prefer it, and I used the 3M version for years. It doesn't have the memoboard concept, but it does do alarms, and has a cleaner look, in my opinion. Also, you can snap notes together to line them up nicely, and you can roll a note up so that you just see its title.


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            Hey, GTD Wannabe, thanks for the tip - I used Stickies for a while about 18 months ago, and ditched it because it couldn't do all I wanted, but this new version seems to be much better! I really appreciate the built-in Pocket PC sync - although I've not actually testes it yet...


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              I was actually attracted to the colourful interface but have since found that Post-It Digital Notes is a memory hog! It was slowing down my computer too much, and I uninstalled it yesterday afternoon.

              I've gone back to a software I bought a few years ago called The Journal. I've been using it mainly to keep my electronic journal but have now set it up further for other uses, too.


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                try out

                It is similar to 3M digital post it notes, but web browser based. You can also check the notes from multiple locations (pc/cell phone).


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                  to: GTD Wannabe.....

                  I tried the post it notes you mentioned and love them! I don't miss the 3-m paper versions stuck all over my PC at all now!

                  Thanks for the tip.
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