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Suggestions for a PDA?

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  • Suggestions for a PDA?

    I've been working with the GTD system for several months, but am running into the problem of not having outlook with me outside the office. I'm a financial writer, and need access to Microsoft Word files, but not email, outside of regular office hours. Can anyone recommend a PDA that gives me both microsoft word and outlook?

    I have an old Palm VII that hasn't been used for years. Is there software I can get to make this useable for my puposes? I found it difficult to work in the Palm system and outlook, rekeying everything, etc. Any information would be great, I'm really not up to speed on technology.

    Thanks in advance, and Happy Holidays to all!


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    Documents to Go from Dataviz ( allows you to access, read, edit, and create Word documents on your PDA. It will run on virtually any Palm-OS based PDA.

    Beyond Contacts, also from Dataviz, is basically designed to mimic Outlook on your PDA. Again, it will (or should) run on virtually any Palm-OS based PDA.

    KeySuite from Chapura ( also is designed to mimic Outlook on your PDA. It should run on virtually any Palm-OS based PDA.

    The websites for these should have lists of the specific PDA models that the software will run on.

    There are others out there, and I don't specifically endorse any of these three. But this should get you started on where to look, and what to look for.

    Happy Holidays.


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      Awesome iPaq hw6515!

      I am a big fan of smartphones and PDA/cell phone combinations.

      In my opinion PalmOS is dead (future Palm devices will be based on Windows and Linux).

      I am using Nokia 6670 smartphone (e-mail, web browsing, office files support and outlook synchronization). But the screen and keyboard are really small.

      Currently I am impressed by the features of the new iPaq hw6515 device ( Windows-based PDA with full keyboard, phone and GPS receiver! Awesome!


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        The Palm VII would probably be underpowered for carrying Office docs. If memory serves, it only has 8mb of RAM, which would give you very little room left for other apps if you install Docs to Go. If you're on a budget, the Palm Z22 would be a good choice. It's smaller than the Palm VII, has 32mb of RAM, a color screen, and is only $99. Unfortunately it doesn't come bundled with DTG, as many Palms do.

        If you need wireless access, like the Palm VII, there are a couple of Palm OS smartphones that will do the job. I would nominate the Treo 650 as the best choice, but also one of the most expensive. There's also the Samsung i500, which you can usually pick up on eBay for under $150.

        I wouldn't worry too much about the future of the Palm OS at this point. 3 of the 4 upcoming Treos this year will be Palm OS models, and the future Linux versions will probably resemble the platform strategy Apple used with OS X -- i.e. the Palms would have a Linux kernel with a Palm OS UI and backward-compatible API.