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Best Outlook Friendly Software on Palm Treo 650

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  • Best Outlook Friendly Software on Palm Treo 650

    I'm implementing GTD and am struggling with my Palm Treo 650 (Sprint). I'm currently using Sprint's Business Connect software to access email, etc. I'm really love to hear which application other GTD/Palm 600 or 650 users find the most "Outlook friendly". In an ideal world, I'd love to replicate the look and feel of Outlook on my Palm Treo.

    Your suggestions are appreciated

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    KeySuite is the One

    CLosest to native Outlook


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      I agree Keysuite works great, and for e-mail I use Chatter.


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        I started using a 600 as soon as it was released and upgraded to a 650 once that was available. The Treo has been a part of my day to day life for several years now and I have been using it as part of my GTD system for about 6 months.

        I have been fairly happy with the straight-forward outlook to palm conduits. I tried keysuite and thought it was acceptable, but not worth the rather significant cost: $70.00

        One of my objectives is to keep my system as simple as possible and so I do not want to spend a great deal of time tweaking and adjusting my Treo to mimic outlook. I personally use the Treo as a reference tool (looking up contacts, checking NAs when the context presents itself, etc.) -- my use of it as an input device is more limited: email and calendar and occasional tasks and notes. However, I mainly use a levenger pocket briefcase and 3x5 cards for anything more than a few words since it is faster and more direct.

        Bottom line: I suggest using just enough extra technology to run your system (i.e. I use snapper mail for email), but don't let the system run your day to day practices.