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Outlook-add-in with Web or Citrix Access

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  • Outlook-add-in with Web or Citrix Access

    I use the Outlook Add-in a great deal and find it fantastic for the type of work I do and the way I receive work assignments. The Outlook Add-in is a great time saver when I am at my desk in the office but if I use Outlook Web Access or connect to our Exchange Server using Citrix Server I don't get the benefits of the add-in which is installed on my desktop. Has anyone come up with a work around that will let them access the custom forms and fields in Outlook add-in using Outlook Web or Citrix access?

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    I have successfully used to reach my work computer from home and process my Outlook Inbox using the GTD Add-in. I think Citrix owns It may be what you're looking for.


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      What about Enterprise Vault?

      Since we are at it, does anyone know if the Add-in will work with Enterprise "Vault" - an long-term email storage system?