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Any good Act! contact management forums ?

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  • Any good Act! contact management forums ?

    Any good Act! 2006 user forums out there ?

    I monitor the one at - but it is no very active.

    Trying to find some more active other forums out there on Act 2006

    Thanks !

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    ACT User Forums

    Hi! I belong to a yahoo group called act-users, but it is also very slow. I would love to find a group that discusses ACT more. It has so much to offer. I never upgraded from version 6 because of all the problems I heard about, but I would be lost without it! I've made up my own version of GTD with my ACT and am finding it works great for me. I would be interested to see how others use the two of them together also.


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      I'm in same boat with Act 6 - never did Act 2005 (thank goodness). I dowloaded trial of Act! 2006 - I like the features, am concerned about the speed, leery of upgrading.

      If you find any active act forums, pls post here - Thanks !


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        I used the Act support forums they seemed pretty active, and also give you a great overview of how crappy their product has become. (just my opinion).

        But honestly I used to find good support there for template set-ups etc.


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          Check out Their Goldmine forums are the most active, but if you scroll down you will see the Act ones.

          Here is another that someone in the above forum recommended:
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