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Datebook programs you love or hate?

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  • Datebook programs you love or hate?

    I am using plain vanilla Palm Datebook on both handheld and desk top but I am not all that happy with it. DateBkV from PimlicoSoftware was recommend to me but I have not tried it yet. What do you think works well with GTD and what benefits are obtained? I would like to be able to print out the week in a form that is not a vertical list but a horizontal, hour by hour slice of the calendar. It would easier for me to juggle things around that way. I would also like to easily keep track of how long I soend on tasks as I go through the day.

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    Datebook software


    As excellent and powerful as DateBk V is it is only a Palm product - it synchs with the Palm Desktop (or Outlook).

    The only product I know of that would give you what you want is Outlook and even then you are going to have to design a custom view.

    Do you really need a horizontal view? I would try knocking up something in a spreadsheet, printing it out and filling it in in pencil just to convince yourself!

    Agendus is another extremely powerful Palm program that even comes with its own Desktop and Outlook Add-in.

    What I would say is that I have tried both Datebk and Agendus and each time returned to the built in application. For me the key to my productivity tools is ease and speed of use and I just find that the advantage of all the extra functionality is outweighed by the additional time taken to use them.